Stop Smoking Now: No will Power Needed

by Bruce on February 9, 2012

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People write books on How to Stop Smoking. But here in this post I will share the 6 steps needed to stop smoking now: No will power needed. You too can be nicotine free in 72 hours.

1. Appreciate Where You are Now

Be kind on yourself, you chose to smoke your first cigarette, what a great experience. Me I was  trying to look cool while coughing my guts out, very hard! But do you recall

I'm Stopping Smoking Now

consciously deciding to become a regular smoker. No. After just 3 cigarettes studies show that the smoker is addicted to nicotine. And this is the hardest part recognising that you’re an addict. We rationalise the habit, while acknowledging that it harms our health, costs a lot. In the USA it’s $5 a pack in the UK $8.40 but in Mauritius it’s over $10 a pack. Over 30 years smoking one pack a day in the USA  costs $55,000 To put that in prospective  the Median 401k is $12,655   according to the EBRI and that’s without the benefit of compounding which would triple that amount. So the median smoker would be over ten times wealthier by stopping smoking. But then being a smoker we don’t have so long to live, yes we acknowledge the health issues.And that it’s a dirty habit. But after 30 years of smoking we have a veritable army of excuses; You might relate to the most common.

  • Cigarettes relax me,
  • Cigarettes help me to concentrate
  • Relieves stress
  • Smoking gives me something to do.

Most people, especially smokers, don’t like themselves. Have a look at these two articles. Amazing Benefits of Being You and Don’t Like Who You Are? Learn to Love Yourself. Both articles will raise your self esteem, because you are truly wonderful, just as you are. Right now.

2. Look at Facts: It’s not your fault you’re a smoker

Before stopping smoking with now with no will power. We know that it’s the nicotine in the cigarettes that we crave, and why smokers keep smoking. Nicotine is the substance that stops insects from eating the tobacco leaf. That’s right nicotine is a poison and not any poison. Nicotine is fact more poisonous than the venom of a Diamond Backed Rattlesnake!!

Nicotine causes the problems that we think it relieves

Our amazing bodies recognise that nicotine is a poison but has trouble in dealing with it, not knowing whether to fight or flight. This causes stress and anxiety.  Studies have shown that people who smoke have more trouble in concentrating than their non-smoking counter parts. To recap:

  • Cigarettes cause stress
  • Hinder and prevent concentration
  • Impedes Relaxation
  • And we feel we need to do something, to flee from the poison of nicotine. So causes boredom

Most people who nicotine has in it’s poisonous grip will probably cast dispersions on these facts. Check the facts out. Do your research as I did. This is a free blog there’s no patch or remedy for you to buy, readers subscribe and come back because of quality and great information of this blog. So register now for future great information on helping you to live the life of your dreams. And get a 7 part video course in Great Goal setting as well.

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3. List the situations you smoke.

Before stopping smoking with no will power it is essential to establish the situations in which you smoke. So when you reach for a cigarette jot down the situation and why. After a meal, sex, with coffee, whatever. What are you feeling? Also make a list of the benefits that you perceive that smoking gives you. Knowledge is power and by knowing when where and why we smoke we are then in a position to:

4. Replace the habit of smoking with one you chose.

So for relaxation it might be to meditate, a meditation of 5 minutes is very effective. After sex try hugging instead. The better you do this part of the stopping smoking now; with no will power. The more likely it is that you will be able to quit smoking forever. Studies show that it takes just 3 cigarettes to get addicted to nicotine in the first place, but only one cigarette for a total relapse. Such is the power of the poison of nicotine. By getting in place habits that you would like to be doing you can then look forward to stopping smoking. And know that you’re not being a martyr by giving up. In fact you’re being freed from the slavery of nicotine addiction. If you smoke when facing a new challenge How to face a New Challenge will help. Or How to Transcend Fear and Really Live. Had a really bad day. Turn Your Worst Day into Your Best Day

5. Stop smoking

It is as easy as that. Stop smoking one day at a time. If a day seems a long time just one hour at a time. The average crave last for 3 minutes, which can seem like a long time so keep a watch handy.

Love the crave For the first 3 days,  72 hours, studies show that the average number of cravings is 6 per day. So that’s only 18 craves and each crave experienced means that you’re one crave closer to being free of the craves forever.  And even better news. Is that after just 72 hours your body will be free from nicotine. That’s right after just 72 hours your amazing body will be free from the poison of nicotine. How awesome is that. And then the cravings drop to 1.4 a day and after 21 days you new habits will be firmly established and you are then officially a non smoker. So love the crave there are few of them. Sleep is important at all times and especially when riding our bodies of poisons like nicotine so get plemty of rest. Benefits of Sleep goes into this in more detail.

6. Celebrate

Give Your Dreams Life

Plan how you’re going to celebrate been a non smoker. If you smoke one pack a day you will have saved $100.

Maybe increase your pension contribution, as your going to live longer now. :)

Also you can look at smokers with pity, knowing that smokers often smoke to relax a state non smokers have by right.

By doing these simple steps you will be able to stop smoking now with no will power. Because:

You no longer have any desire to smoke as you now know that nicotine is a poison. That has been poisoning your mind and body and you wish to free of that poison no will power is required.

What about nicotine patches and all the hype to wean you off nicotine. The pharmaceutical companies go to the same growers as the tobacco companies to get their nicotine. Nicotine is poison and surveys have show that quitting ‘cold turkey’ is more than 2 and half times more likely to succeed than with patches. Nicotine subitutes prolong nicotine addiction.

Know a friend who smokes? Share this post. Maybe it will be the spur for them to give up smoking. For which they will be eternally grateful and bless you.

Live in the moment it’s a present

Love greatly, and unconditionally

Laugh at life challenges, funny things and self.


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paul from Costumes and Fancy February 13, 2012 at 6:41 pm

hello, definitely a must read for anyone struggling with smoking. i wonder if it works but you make it sound so easy!
paul recently posted..FIBBIE – Buckles Bag Italian Leather Key ChainMy Profile

Bruce February 14, 2012 at 7:11 am

hi Paul, Thanks for drpping by, yes it is easy, there is a lot behind the process, but making it simple
allows better success. Do you smoke? If so keep me poste as to your progress. Live, Love, Laugh Bruce

George Zapo March 4, 2012 at 8:40 am

Thank you for your encouraging words, Bruce!

You provided sound, insightful, and inspiring advice for those who are facing the challenges of this health and behavior concern!

I appreciate your video and writing and I’m motivated to read and view more of your enlightening material!

Take care…
George Zapo recently posted..Avoid These Household ToxinsMy Profile

Bruce March 4, 2012 at 12:16 pm

Hi George
Thanks for stopping by.And great that you like the material.
Nearly all of us face challenges of varying degrees, from which we can learn from. We’re never beaten until we think we are.
If you’d like a particular topic blogged about let me know.

Live, Love, Laugh

mark March 8, 2012 at 10:20 am

hi i think you do wonderfull work .i ENJOY SMOKING . I DO NOT PITY ENYONE WHO SMOKES.\.
and it s wrong for you to say that.IT IS MY LIFE .WHAT I DO WITH MY LIFE IS UP TO ME. AND NOT SOMEONE TELLING ME WHO TO LIVE MY LIFE .concentrate on your own life

Bruce March 8, 2012 at 12:34 pm

Hi Mark
Thanks for stopping by and giving your view as someone who enjoys smoking. I’m certainly not suggesting that you change. Merely helping those who do wish to stop. Glad you enjoy most of my writing. :) Live, Love, Laugh Bruce

Michelle June 8, 2012 at 11:51 am

I for one had lots of reasons and occasions so far to give up smoking. I can tell from experience it’s no biggie to do it – after all, i quit smoking so many times in the past :P
Now honestly, all the strategies in the world would not help you if you lack a solid motivation. To me it works spending time in places where no one smokes, yet I obviously can’t always find such places. So if whenever I don’t see or smell the poison, I often forget about it as soon as I remember (does this have logic?) it should mean that I can but I don’t really want for now, I haven’t found something to strike me as the perfect reason.

Bruce July 15, 2012 at 7:26 pm

Hi Michelle

I think you comments reflects many smokers view. So many thanks for that. As I say in this post what is needed is inspiration as motivation only goes so far.
Do hope you find a reason.

Live, Love Laugh


Bruce July 25, 2012 at 2:10 pm

The best way to quit smoking I have given in my blog. If you want medications I suggest go and talk to your Doctors :)
Live, Love, Laugh Bruce

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