Save a Lot of Money: Become a Millionaire

by Bruce on March 1, 2012

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Saving a lot is a Top Goal for many people and here are 15 simple steps to save lots. And saving lots over time will make you a millionaire.

Why is it important to save lots? You work 45 hours a week for 45 weeks a year for 45 years to get a 401k worth not much. By saving lots you can change that and have a

Saving Lots of Money

401/ retirement plan worth lots or even lots and lots.
Become a Millionaire even. If you saved $1.85 c a day for 50 years you’d be a millionaire
The average family spends $75 a week more than it earns, by putting this on a credit card over five short years this has built into a debt of $75,000. Save $75 a week and you will have a investments worth $40,000 a difference of $115,000 in 5 years.

By saving Lots you can make a huge difference to your life.

By using the following I was able to save $40,000 a year

1. Take stock of what you’re spending,

By knowing what you spend and where you have a great chance of doing something about it and is the first step in saving a lot of money. Here’s a Free PDF to List your Income and Expenditure

2. Plan what you’d like to save.

A good target of what to save is 25% of income.

3. Then allocate what you’re going to spend the 75% on.

4. Stop using credit cards.

Using credit cards makes it very easy to spend and doesn’t feel like we’re spending ‘real’ money but it is real. The best way is to carry just enough cash for your planned spend. Carry too much cash and if you’re like me you will find things to spend it on, while if you carry just enough you know that the money you have is allocated and will be more prudent in your spending.

5. Use a cash back card,

Using a cash back card can also save lots. According to studies this cash back card saves $1,200 a year, (UK only). A cash back card either charges your bank direct or you have to preload before use.

Grocery shopping is the biggest spend for most by doing the following you will save lots.

6. Take stock of the foods you have.

Take a full inventory of what you have, fresh, frozen, and what’s in the store cupboard.Throw those that are out of date. And put on a spread sheet. Here’s one you can download Stoke Taker for Foods

7. Make a Meal List for the Week.

Put together a meal list for the week with the ingredients needed. This will you a more varied diet as you can plan to have different and maybe exciting menuFor healthier meals aim to have at least 75% vegetables, this will also save money. :) Going vegetarian needn’t be expensive either as this post 15 Ways to be Vegetarian on a Budget looks into.
You then have a list of what is needed to be bought this week. By putting in the prices you then know how much your weekly shop will be.
Interesting fact in the UK the average spend per month at the supermarket is £585 yet in the US it’s only $525 for the average family. Charito and I spend about $280 a month on grocery and household products.

8. Throw less food away:

The average amount of food thrown away is over 30% so by planning the shopping you will have less waste and save lots. You will also have a eating plan for the week which will save you time and is 70% likely to be healthier. This article looks into our number 7 goal 12 Ways to Reduce Waste.

9. Look for Reciepes on Line will Save Money

Recipes most ‘secret recipes are on line. By looking on line you will have a more interesting diet and save both on the shopping and on recipe books. Cool.
Do the shopping in one trip, go to the farmers market where possible, on average 30% cheaper, fresher and with less food miles.

10. How to save lots in the Supermarket.

While in the Supermarket, remember the supermarkets have large marketing departments with two aims. To get you to spend more and to increase their profits. So to save lots and lots
  1. Forget special offers and stick to your list
  2. Leave alone coupons, unless they’re for the store.
  3. Use a basket, the big trolleys are just made for filling.
  4. Use the budget brands where ever possible. I’ve done various tests and neither myself or guests could distinguish the difference between the budget and a brand costing 3 times as much.:)
  5. Shop when you feel refreshed and replete.

11. Buy from Charity Shops.

Clothes shopping use charity shops where possible. You will save loads, Charito just pick up 5 pairs of shorts for the cost of one pair, now you could say she doesn’t need 5 pairs and that 2 would do. Most people have 8 pairs of jeans but wear only two. It’s enviromently friendly recycling

12 Ditch the car.

The average cost of running a car is $8,000 a year. A bus pass is $62 a month. So not only will you save money, it’s a lot greener and you might make new friends. A client of mine transport costs were just $45 a month, brilliant.
Saving Money with a Piggy Bank

Saving Money with a Piggy Bank

13. Switch to cheaper utility suppliers

Switch to cheaper utility suppliers and save money on your utilities by switching to cheaper. In the UK 60% of people are with the most expensive suppliers, who also have the worst customer service.

14. Have a Piggy Bank

Put your loose change into a piggy bank. Remember just $1.85 a day and in 50 years you will be a millionaire.
By doing this I saved a lot of money over $40,000 a year, how much can you save? Like to have your own personal coach to help you save money? I guarantee to save you a minumum of $10,000 a year or your money back.
So there we have 14 ways to Save a Lot of Money and Become a Millionair reduce waste. Perhaps though you you could make 2012 the year when you start making real progress to living the Life of Your Dreams. Maybe get yourself a personal coach, cool.
My lifes Mantra
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Love Greatly and Unconditionally
Laugh at Life’s Challenges, funny things and self


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Christina Goche July 27, 2012 at 10:26 am

Making a meal list for the week is good to save money. I will only need to buy what I need then instead of buying loads.

Bruce July 31, 2012 at 8:08 pm

Hi Christina

Thanks for your input and so right. :)

Live, Love, laugh


stacy August 2, 2012 at 7:23 am

It’s really difficult to save money.I don’t earn much but maybe I should try.

Bruce August 10, 2012 at 8:58 pm

Hi Stacy

I know how you feel. This post might be of help. How to save on a minimum wage
The key is to put saving first.
Love to know how you get on Stacy
Live, Love, Laugh


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